The Kathak Anarkali

Anarkali’s are pretty much a staple on the Indian fashion scene today. But let us go back a little and take a look at the association of it with Kathak – an Indian dance form. The anarkali is the traditional costume of Kathak and rightly so. The dance is full of twirls, many a times, one after another and the anarkali compliments it so perfectly.

Mostly, the Kathak anarkalis are very simple because, 1: It’s not easy to dance with something heavy on and 2: Heavy work may reduce the fluidity of the kurta. Also, most of them usually have a definite waist that separates the bodice and the bottom part (either by a stitch or a belt) and it suits the Indian figure perfectly. So here’s looking at gorgeous, flattering and yet so light and simple anarkalis and frankly, we prefer it that way!




Please Note: None of these images are owned by us. They have been taken from Google and if you own any of these images, or have an issue, please let us know.


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