High and Heavy Necks

Recently, you must have seen such necks all over because Sabyasachi has brought it in fashion. And we should not be complaining. These high and heavy necks have 3 BIG advantages.

  1. You can get to skip the jewellery and yet you don’t look bare necked.
  2. Since most weddings happen in the winters in the north, these can be made into full sleeves to stay warm.
  3. Weddings or such functions involve a lot of dancing but you have to dress you best. With such a heavy neck, you can go in for a lighter lehenga or saree and be comfortable dancing away.  

 Image(1 via Saree Villa, 2 via Saree Days, 3 via Pinkvilla)

Image(1 via ExportersIndia, 2 via BollywoodShaadis and 3 via sarifashion.net)

However, there are certain things you should keep in mind. If you have a small neck, or a relatively rounder face, go for a neck that isn’t exactly high and make sure you get a rough stitch from the tailor first so you can try it out. Otherwise, it may just look really off, like Rani looks below. Looks almost as though she has no neck.


(via High Heel Confidential)

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