Karishma Kapoor In Not Such An Indian Attire

But, we’re asking you to let your imagination run a little and see this as a choodidaar and kurta.

karishma kapoor fusion

Such lehengas are already in fashion, so why not try and pair it with a choodidar?

For a light outfit, this can be done up in very many colours and the kurta can be made extra flowy. For a slightly heavier outfit, one, or maximum two colours can be stuck to with a lot of work done on the kurta. For a medium outfit (not too heavy, not too light), brocade material can even be used to make the kurta.

Where would this outfit be an absolute hit? Apart from the usual functions, one place where we really think such an outfit would work would be mehendi. For the brides who want a flowy garment, but lehenga seems to impractical to wear and a simple suit just isn’t enough, this is perfect! It provides the flare, the comfort and is practical.

Image Source: Karishma Kapoor Facebook Page

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