Bipasha Basu – Pretty Blue Saree. A Possible DIY

A few months back, Bipasha Basu posted photos of herself in a beautiful blue and pink saree, looking quite cute.


We quite liked the saree, and on closer inspection, we realized you can make a similar one, with a little effort and the services of your local tailor aunty / uncle.

So the step 1 would be to understand the components going into the saree. What makes the saree what it is. Sorry about the bad quality.



See below, a closer look at the border.


So what you need to do is gather your materials:

1. Net material – Head down to any Indian wear shop or the markets in your city. Example: Chandi Chowk if you are in Delhi. MSU shop in Commercial Street in Bangalore, etc. Net material isn’t too difficult to find and almost all shops will have it stocked.

2. Border – The border looks to be that of a pink base, with a golden embroidery work. Easy peasy to find. Really. Kinari Bazaar in Delhi is heaven to find such borders. MSU in Bangalore too, has them stocked. Or Dispensary Road.

3. Extra Embroidery For Pallu (Optional) – Again, not difficult to find. Wherever you find borders, you will find work patches too. If you want to keep the saree light, you can skip this bit.

4. Blouse – Buy two kinds of materials – brocade and plain silk / whatever else you prefer and like the feel off. The sleeves can be made out of brocade, and the body from plain material. Just make sure they’re more or less the same shade.

Give to your tailor, give your measurements and that’s all.

If you don’t want to do the running work, speak to your tailor in detail and ask him / her to pick up the materials for you. A lot of them will do so at a nominal price.

So there! Getting a saree made from scratch should cost you approximately between 4-6k, depending on what materials you buy, where from and what your tailor charges.

Good luck and happy designing!

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